Back When We Were Kids

There once was a young girl of 11 years, tucked away in the cozy backwoods of Tennessee. This cute little country lass went on to meet a crazy little city chap. They were just kiddos then (11 and 16), but they took a fancy to each other’s person.

Nine thick years later, these two dreamers and wanna-be-lovers will exchange marriage vows with hearts committed to a full life together until death!

Abby, I love you so much. That will never become cliche to me, and I pray it never morphs into a casual remark. With God’s strength, we will grow in faith, hope of eternal life and a steady love for each other. You are beautiful and wise, my fiancèe.

– Babe

Kickin’ It Off

You are one of few to make it here, which is no big deal really. If you’re a friend, wassup! If you’re a stranger, gosh make yourself at home. If you’re a ruthless stalker, well, it’s whatever man. In either case, just keep it cool and enjoy your visit. Every once in a while I write a little something from my heart intended for the good of readers like yourself.